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in >> i think that we are reado reconvene. >> any motion? anything? nothing? >> item #6. please be advised that the bringing in using of cell phones, pagers, and similar sound producing devices are prohibited at this meeting. the chairman order from the removal -- the removal from the meeting room of any person responsible for the ringing of any cellphone or similar sound producing electronic device. please be advised that a member of the public has up to three minutes to make pertinent public comments on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter period of any item. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners, members of the staff. thank you for joining us. we have an interesting agenda. lots of different attributes that we on the court to sharing with you. i wanted to start by commenting on commissioner lazarists. as many of you know, her term expired and under the city ordinance she was able to hold it over for 60 days. the mayor has asked and she has agreed to go serve on the board of appeals, subject to confirmation, so she will not be able to come back to the port. i tried to entice her to come back today to be recognized for her many contributions, and she politely declined. i still decided that we should say a few words in absentia. she joined the commission in may of 2004, around the same time i joined. we were new together and she helped us to accomplish so much.
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paris -- particularly with respect to the financial position at the port, cataloging our capital needs, helping us to come up with a more robust and stabilized financial budget. she had a particular area of expertise in finance. she served as president two times, making countless appearances on behalf of the port. i really want to appreciate her and her volunteerism on behalf of the port. i hope that you will join me in a round of applause, even in her absence. [applause] hopefully amy will send her the minutes. or she could watch it on tv. [laughter] i hope that her nomination is being heard by the rules committee next week, july 19.
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willie adams, the treasury secretary of the longshore union has been nominated to fill the seat vacated by crowley. his nomination will be heard by the rules committee on july 19 as well. with any luck, he may be joining us by our august meeting, which would be terrific. we will say more about him and his qualifications when the time comes, but we're really looking forward to having him. so, we have an amazing person in the room. we have a lot of amazing people, but for some special recognition, aaron, would you stand for one minute? this is air in washington, an employee of the submarine up in pier 45. technically, he is an employee of the national arts
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association, but he is assigned to the uss [unintelligible] and has been there for 15 years. you might be aware that about one month ago, june 14, he was critically involved in the rescue of a young boy who had jumped, willingly, into the bay near the boat. this young man was on a field trip of the facility next door to the museum. this was a killed trip for children with disabilities. he took one look at the enticing bay and decided that is where he wanted to be. he jumped in, which must have sent a flutter of panic through everyone's heart. my understanding is that mr. washington heard the commotion and immediately went to the young man's rescue. my understanding is they he was not very willing to come out of the water, so mr. washington had the added job of holding a
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wiggling child in his street clothes in the water as firefighters came to the rescue. i cannot imagine doing that. he is the father of a 2-year- old, so i am sure that cross to remind for a moment. as we learn more about mr. washington, he comes from a long line of family and community service. he is joined by his mother, who work for the unified school district for a long time. his father, booker, worked for the transportation authority for a long time. his wife is here as well. the 2-year-old is not here, unfortunately, but we would have loved to have had him. i cannot thank you enough. i have a child about that age and i cannot imagine what it must've been like. we are grateful for what you did and that you have been around the port for so long.
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that is enticing for you and not as intimidating as it might have been for someone else. thank you for your courage and commitment. mr. washington has been very involved with youth, at risk youth across the city. i guess this is a different definition of that risk youth, but certainly worthy. we could not be more proud to have you. we would very much like to honor you. please join me in recognizing mr. aaron washington. [applause] >> if he could come up and receive his plaque on behalf of the port and commission? >> i forgot to mention that he is a scuba diver, from many great places in the world, so, maybe that helped, jumping into the bay. ♪
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>> i arranged a that salute just for you. [horn blowing] [laughter] >> thank you. >> one more. [applause] >> would you like to say a few words -- would you like to say a few words? can he say a few words? >> i would like to thank you all for this honor. i really at a loss for words, but i want to say one thing that was important. while i was in the water, i did not know that the child had any kind of mental disability. it was not until we were face to face, negotiating how to get out of the bay together. my staff, who were present, it was not until then, who were in trip -- instrumental in
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supporting me in the water, if it was not for those three, we would not have had such a smooth transition. this actually goes to those three guys. thank you very much. [applause] >> madam president, is it ok if one of the board members says a few words? >> i will be brief. i wanted to thank the port for recognizing aaron for his amazing action. people should know, of all the former water safety instructors, as he is well trained in this, the child was not able to respond to commands. without his actions, the child could have been in very serious jeopardy. the word of the neck -- maritime park association is that we are very grateful for his action in your recognition. thank you. [applause]
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>> many thanks to you, your family, and for your courage and dedication i have more good news. the san francisco ship repair inc. has been awarded a maintenance service contract from the u.s. army for vessels going forward to do special work. i wanted to point that out, they have been awarded a $28 million contract, which is a sizable sum. it could equal more, as many as two times more the revenue of the leaner years. i wanted to recognize this because i think there are a number of factors leading to this achievement. first and foremost is the appearance in leadership of bae in san francisco.
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a great leader, he has shown the workmanship going on at the ship repair yard. obviously, the navy would not be bringing their vessels back over and over if it -- if the work was not top notch. i wanted to thank the many men and women out there working for the port. i also wanted to recognize that all of this has been made possible by the investment made in 2006 in the dry dock to handle a greater vessel volume. so, my thanks to all of the pores that who participated. -- port staff who participated. of course, we look forward to getting a percentage of rent from this new contract. it was very good for us. another award to talk about is
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one that the port itself received. there is a periodical called " crews in cite" specific to the cruise industry, where executives get together and vote for various ports to in various awards. in 2011 they voted in '87, including 22 that were new. san francisco is of course one of those 22. the 87 represent 47 different countries in six u.s. ports. so, we are very proud to be in that elite group. i wanted to read something from the magazine itself. "in recognition of the people that understand teamwork, a new award has been created, best
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local initiative." that is the award that san francisco 1. -- won. "they went the extra mile to develop the product or service that will enhance their crews products. san francisco was awarded the best local initiative for the approach. the team led by the department of public works, text and engineering, architects, so long architecture, and as well, turner construction. you may recall that our construction management contract has two separate terms. we are pleased to be honored. we have been recognized by the executives at of the cruise
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line, which is high praise. another award has just been announced. the san francisco giants have been awarded the 2012 university of san francisco california prize for service in common good. the event will be 2012, november 12. it recognizes the good will the giants have created. proceeds will go back into scholarship programs. they are being commended for their work in the community and for their junior giants baseball. the junior giants baseball program serves over 20,000 boys and girls in 85 different
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communities. the community fund is for the public awareness campaign, organ donor awareness night, as well as other opportunities. i wanted to commend them on being such a great partner for the city in the port. and that concludes my report. >> is there any public comment? >> i wanted to comment on one item that came before the commission, attending the world series america's cup, we are here to give you a brief report on what happened. not only were we able to watch the races, but we also met with
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the executive director of the america's cup for rhode island, a state official. we also had a chance to spend time with race management. we actually visited the team based to understand the stand-up -- set up. of what we saw was a miniseries of what could be expected. we were there for two days. i think that the headcount on friday was up to 10,000. it gave this a real sense of what to expect. i think that i want to say, on the race itself, it was set up stadium style, where you could watch it from the shore. it is hard to watch, unless you
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understand, so we watched it both ways. it was pretty exciting, because he could see what was happening on the boat itself. newport is much smaller in scale, not only does the race, but the city itself. what we are building here is greater. there was some excitement and one of the boat capsized, it had to be repaired overnight. i appreciated a lot more the variables. for those who do not know, that is the variable for sailing, much greater than a race car or horserace. the adjustments needed to get down to what you are supposed to do.
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i think that the other thing to be found in terms that team basis was what we have heard about in terms of seeing 120 in of stuff being set up. it is quite amazing. it all gets packed up and they moved it from site to site. everything is self-contained. we visited the back, we saw the front in terms of the media set up. it is an enormous amount of effort to put on these races. finally, the venue management, which is what we would be tasked with in san francisco, in terms of how we manage the people and
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the traffic, the venues and retail, there are two things that i picked up that i thought would be useful. they used water taxis very actively to move people around. was enjoyable. they also had an exploration zone that families and children could visit. i think that that was good, for the crowd and families to visit. third, they had a lot of retail merchandising. they could have done more. i think that that was very useful. i am going to ask more to the commissioner, because i am sure that i missed a few things. >> great job. it was a great experience for us. it probably took us a full day to understand who was doing what. it was fascinating, once you got
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engaged and understood what was happening. so, we stayed at a hotel that was on america's cup boulevard. it had been there since the 1800's, apparently. everyone was so family and helpful, in gauging. there was also set up inside the fort, the expiration area, -- exploration area, we thought that was really great. we wanted to have that here, somewhere. they put a lot of focus on sustainability. but they are making efforts to make sure that the event is truly sustainable for all that come to enjoy it.
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it was worthwhile, as well as a pro went trip. it was beneficial. we brought pamphlets to share with you guys, said the experience in little bit of what we did. >> one of the things i wanted to mention, the tremendous use of volunteers. i think it will take a lot across the waterfront. the volunteers in newport were all friendly. we also heard from the director of the america's cup and the effort that goes into organizing those volunteers, training of volunteers. there were a lot of lessons learned. hopefully, we can leverage them going forward. i also wanted to spend a minute
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to comment, as i would like to give a chance. we did not have a chance to shape -- to thank her. she has been a very dedicated and diligent person. i enjoyed working with her. i want to just take a moment to commend and thank her for her service on record. >> i had the opportunity to serve with her for eight years. i always thought that she was just such a wonderful, levelheaded, fair person. even though i might have been here longer than her, she was so pragmatic, so smart, we are really going to miss her. if anyone wants this in letters to the board of supervisors on
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her behalf, prior to next tuesday, please do. >> i will echoed those comments. i have known airport many years, from before she served on the commission. working with her on the commission, she was so welcoming. she will be very mixed. i think that the board of permit appeals will be lucky to have her fault on this on that commission. she will be missed here. but public comment -- >> public comment on the president's report? any questions? >> moving on. sevenc -- 7c, information update
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on the june 20, 2012 pier 29 fired them port response -- fire damage and port response. >> midafternoon. my name is wendy proctor. i am here today with the port consultants to present an informational update on the fire that occurred on wednesday, june 20 at, at 1:50 in the afternoon. in the face of this tragedy, we are fortunate that with the expert help of the sentences of
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fire department, the damage was contained within the bulkhead. that it had been vacated. there were no occupants or injuries. the america's cup events will not be impacted by the fire. immediate impacts posed by the fire are falling building hazards, like the embarcadero, not, and power outages in 33, 29, and the cruise terminal project. you can see, by the photo on the upper right hand side, a fair amount of debris fell into the sidewalk. the immediate response was to
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close the promise not immediately. at the end of the day, i saw a line of 24 trucks coming from pier 50 with all of the equipment and provide generator power. also, immediately, court staff initiated two contracts. the second one was with the architecture and engineering consultant, for structural engineering and historic, architectural expertise. the port has insurance coverage for the damage, for construction in kind, plus upgrades required
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for anything needed in current codes. now, i will turn it over to reinhardt for details on the structural portion. >> thank you, wendy. thank you, commissioners. thank you, monday. i am on the third slide, which is the emergency response. the chief engineer contact us on thursday morning. construction talked to me about the issues faced by the port, and the immediate concerns that we had to take care of during a part of the building had collapsed on to the embarcadero, nod. there were questions and
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concerns about building stability on the promise not. they wanted to open a promise not to pedestrian traffic as soon as possible. our emergency response commenced that morning. we have been involved since the 21st of july. it continues to go on today. emergency contracts, resolution, prepared by the commission. we are under contract, all those under contract. building stabilization, that commenced on the 26 and continues today. a staff member was on site on the 21st. they have been involved from the beginning. they install the temporary
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electric power to replace what was lost. i will talk more about that. electric power equipment, that continues today. this diagram on pier 29 shows the relationship to the cruise terminal on 27, under construction now. that is where the superintendent was involved from the beginning and transferred over. we worked with him for the first week or so of the project. this diagram illustrates here, the orange area, no. 29, the bulkhead. the most intense part of the damage occurred there.
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it did work well, as i saw the fire, most of the damage, there was some smoke damage, water damage i and thisshed building -- theis shed building. there is work being done out separate it from the bulkhead. that way the shed can be turned over to the tenant, who i understand is the america's cup event. this slide illustrates some of the fire damage. the upper left shows the fact is you can see daylight through the roof. there was a lot of damage in the roof, behind the portal, that acted like a chimney, concentrated in that area.

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